Direct access to the latest Medical Affairs literature

To remain credible and authoritative, medical affairs specialists and MSLs have to stay up to date at all times, which means having direct and instant access to the latest pre-approved scientific literature. Central repositories of scientific literature that are easily updatable and accessible from remote desktops and mobile devices provide this access.

Download the QUOSA fact sheet for Medical Affairs (PDF, 612.2 KB)

Providing timely information is key

Medical Affairs teams and Medical Science Liaisons need direct access to the latest scientific literature so they can rapidly respond to client inquiries from anywhere. QUOSA provides a central repository that makes finding the right scientific information quick and easy, and it can be accessed from your PC, Mac, and iPad.

QUOSA enables Medical Affairs teams and Medical Science Liaisons to respond quickly to healthcare providers and KOLs

  • Organize and share full-text scientific articles from a central and secure cloud-based life science library
  • Access information remotely while out in the field
  • Stay current with alerts about new scientific articles
  • Easily create reports and bibliographies
  • Minimize cost by reducing duplicate scientific article purchases

Medical Affairs - Quosa

Key benefits

Rapid article curation

Whether monitoring published scientific literature for mentions of your drug or device, or preparing for a meeting with a KOL, the ability to find the latest and most relevant information is critical. This means quickly accessing full-text, classifying it, and then making it available to your Medical Science Liaisons. QUOSA helps you accomplish this through automated alerts, streamlined access to full-text, and scientific literature tagging.

PDFs immediately to hand

It is not only timeliness of access to PDFs that matters; it is also ease of access. When a query comes in – possibly with incomplete wording or just a few key terms that the enquirer recalls – you need to locate pre-approved information immediately, review it then and there, and send it on in the appropriate manner. With QUOSA, your team has it all at their fingertips.

Access from everywhere

It is often when MSLs are in the field that scientific information is needed urgently. To fit your needs, we built QUOSA to serve your entire organization, from information managers working in offices worldwide to your medical science liaisons who require remote access and instant alerts while interfacing with customers. Access is available on multiple devices, including PCs, Macs, and iPads, and through a variety of means ranging from web browsers to RSS feeds.

Full-text searching

Make it easy for MSLs to find relevant scientific articles by searching on full text as well as metadata for key terms in the incoming query. Catch all scientific articles relevant to the company or its compounds with broad search strategies for alerts and automated full-text filters.

Cost effective document sourcing

Ensure that end users get the full benefit not only of subscriptions and free full text but also of ordered PDFs which you have the right to re-use.