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An enterprise literature management solution that helps life science companies organize and centralize the process of collecting and sharing scientific information.

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Discover the key benefits of our QUOSA Literature Monitoring solution for Drug Safety

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Discover the key benefits of QUOSA in this quick guide.

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Pharmacovigilance requires the right tools

With more data today than ever before — and more adverse events reported — monitoring has become more challenging. But the right solutions can help you.

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Find, organize and share scientific literature

By automating scientific literature workflows, QUOSA enables users to find, view and share full-text scientific articles instantly. This supports the use of scientific information while helping to control costs by eliminating duplicate purchases.

Documents are stored and organized in a centrally-located, copyright-compliant, cloud-based environment, making remote access easy and secure.

In addition, QUOSA supports searches performed on subscription services, including Embase, ScienceDirect, PubMed and others.
For pharmacovigilance teams seeking a more tailored way to monitor adverse drug events in medical literature faster and more efficiently, QUOSA centralizes, organizes, and automates the literature review process.

The key features and benefits of QUOSA include:

  • Current awareness: Use alerts to stay current on product, market and competitive developments
  • Scalable central life science library: Store scientific literature in a scalable and secure cloud-based environment
  • Scientific information from anywhere: The QUOSA life science library can be accessed from iPads, PCs and Macs

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  • Better use of existing tools: Easily search services you already have access to, such as Embase, ScienceDirect, PubMed, OvidSP and others
  • Manage high volumes of content: QUOSA de-duplicates full-text articles and helps prevent purchasing the same article multiple times

How QUOSA works

QUOSA supports searches of subscription services, allowing a centralized way to store and organize documents in a secure, compliant, cloud-based environment. For pharmacovigilance teams, QUOSA promotes efficiency and compliance by centralizing the discovery of adverse drug reactions information in medical literature as well as automating information monitoring.

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