An easy-to-use literature monitoring solution that helps pharmacovigilance groups operate more efficiently, while promoting patient safety

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Find, Organize and Share Scientific Literature

QUOSA automates scientific literature workflows, allowing users to find, view and share full-text scientific articles instantly.

This drives scientific information usage and helps to control costs as duplicate purchases are eliminated. Documents are stored and organized in a centrally-located, copyright-compliant, cloud-based environment, making remote access easy and secure.
What’s more, QUOSA supports searches of subscription services, including Embase, ScienceDirect, PubMed and others.

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When data scientists and pharmacologists worked together to develop a computer  algorithm that could catch deadly drug interactions, they revealed unseen potential to protect patient safety.

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Visit the Hive to explore how biotech and pharma start-ups are using Elsevier R&D solutions to solve for early-stage drug discovery and development. Watch videos, read real-world case studies and learn how early innovation starts with rapid results and early access to research that is crucial to reducing the likelihood of costly late stage failures and mitigating risk.

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QUOSA for iPad Provides On-the-Go Access

Access a repository of knowledge from anywhere. The QUOSA app for iPad provides a direct link to your institution’s content.