Best practices for building pharmacovigilance search strategies

An application note for Embase

Literature monitoring for pharmacovigilance can seem like a daunting task, considering the large amounts of data, range of sources (including local-language journals) and regional regulatory requirements. Even experienced database users can find it challenging to build queries that capture all relevant adverse events without also delivering vast quantities of irrelevant documents for review.

This new application note shows the challenges of literature monitoring for pharmacovigilance and details the solutions. It then focuses on Embase and its PV Wizard: an intuitive query builder that was integrated into Embase to facilitate the successful construction of pharmacovigilance search strategies. It’s designed to help every user successfully navigate this challenging task.

The application note provides a step-by-step example of building a search for adverse events related to a commonly available medicinal substance. The method described can be applied to any pharmacovigilance-focused search of the biomedical literature.

Read the application note (PDF, 672 KB)