Leverage insights from biomedical literature for drug development, repositioning and safety

Drug discovery, development and re-purposing require a deep understanding and investigation of the biomedical literature. Researchers require smart data and analytical tools to uncover drug-disease relationships and drug-drug interactions.

How Embase helps
Recommended by the FDA and EMA for monitoring drug safety in biomedical literature, Embase has a broad biomedical scope, with in-depth coverage of pharmacology, pharmaceutical science and clinical research.

Embase delivers comprehensive drug coverage and unique ‘triple-indexing’ that enables direct linking of drugs, diseases and devices to associated events mentioned in biomedical literature. It enables users to extract semantic relationships between drug-disease; drug-drug; device-disease and device-device.

Drug Discovery & Development - Embase | Elsevier

Embase provides in-depth indexing, intuitive search tools and comprehensive content that users:

  • Zoom in on very specific relationships of drugs
  • Decide which drug candidates to progress
  • Compare the effectiveness and safety between drugs
  • Determine how to design preclinical studies

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  • Rapidly retrieve relevant information from trusted sources
  • Build searchable, comprehensive databases of all evidence
  • Support the publication of original research

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Featured customer story

Avinash Permraj, Research Scientist in Biotechnology, Management of Scientific Centers uses Embase to keep up with biological processes, novel techniques and new concepts in animal biotechnology and veterinary research data.

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How Embase works

Retrieving relevant and high quality evidence from the ever-increasing volume of biomedical literature is a challenge. Embase allows you to search the widest possible pool of data with precision. It provides:

  • Tree-level indexing of the full text of an article, which consists of drug term, disease terms, key subheadings and linked terms (e.g. hypertension, stroke, nausea, vomiting, etc)
  • Compressive drug coverage: Emtree includes chemical names, trade names and laboratory/research codes as well as generic names for more than 32,000 drugs and chemicals, including all generic names recognized by FDA, EMA and WHO (from 2000)

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Embase helps you uncover more evidence

  • Precise retrieval of relevant records through 64 subheadings, 4 medical device subheadings and 14 disease subheadings
  • More than 32 million records from over 8,500 journals and grey literature from over 2.3 million conference abstracts
  • Unique non-English content, along with detailed indexing of study types, trial phases, patient populations, and more

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