Embase serves biomedical and clinical research needs in industry and academia

Embase provides easy access to a wide array of biomedical literature that is critical to the success of pharmaceutical, medical and life sciences organizations.

We serve a global customer base that includes the world's leading and most cutting-edge pharmaceutical and biotech companies, medical research organizations and educational institutions. Embase users include drug discovery scientists and researchers, clinical researchers, regulatory affairs staff, pharmacovigilance professionals, and researchers and educators in academia.

Evidence-based medicine

Evidence-based Medicine - Embase | Elsevier

We help customers accelerate evidence-based clinical decisions and improve patient outcomes by increasing the discovery of biomedical evidence and providing comprehensive and up-to-date biomedical information.  
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Pharmacovigilance - Embase | Elsevier

We help customers improve literature monitoring for adverse events with the world’s most comprehensive biomedical literature database.

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I use Embase when I want to be sure that I've checked all the scientific literature I can for information on a given drug. I mainly use it for drug-related searches because that's a key area of focus for my colleagues. Marialaura Martinico, Scientific Documentalist at Various Institutions

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Marialaura Martinico customer story - Embase | Elsevier

Medical devices development and post-market surveillance

Medical Devices Development - Embase | Elsevier

We support every stage of medical device development with high-quality biomedical information: from concept and design all the way to post-market surveillance.
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I have an alert [via Embase] compiled to send me the newest product-related articles at the beginning of each month. This email helps me to be aware of potential hot topic requests. Dawn McMillen library resources supervisor at Stryker Orthopedics

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Drug discovery & development

Drug Discovery & Development - 
  Embase | Elsevier

We help you to uncover drug-disease relationships and drug-drug interactions by providing you with critical biomedical information for drug development, re-positioning and safety.

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Embase serves as an exhaustive knowledge resource … It lets us locate and annotate scientific data that is crucial for our research project communications and new scientific proposals. Avinash Permraj, Research Scientist in Biotechnology, Management of Scientific Centers

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