A key component of diverse and increasingly complex pharmacovigilance regulatory requirements is systematic screening of biomedical literature for adverse drug reactions (ADRs).

Capturing all potential and unanticipated health risks for a drug from the international biomedical literature also allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to proactively develop more effective drug safety strategies. Embase helps track all published/peer-reviewed biomedical information on your products and makes it easy to quickly review reported safety risks, side effects and adverse drug events information — all in a single platform.

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Embase provides the information pharmaceutical companies need for effective pharmacovigilance

  • Comprehensive and up-to-date drug safety information, with over 30 million records from more than 8,500 journals and 5,500 conferences
  • The Embase thesaurus, Emtree, is one of the most comprehensive thesauri available for life science information, with a unique focus on drug terminology
  • Direct linking of drugs, diseases and devices to associated events mentioned in the article, enabling more precise retrieval of adverse event information

Fact Sheet

Pharmaceutical companies need current and comprehensive information on drugs and drug adverse events. With over 8,500 biomedical journals and in-depth, full-text indexing of drugs, diseases and medical devices, this is exactly what Embase offers.

Embase Drug Safety Fact Sheet (PDF, 746kb)

White Paper

The high volume of clinical literature continually being published poses significant problems without an effective literature screening and management solution.

Learn how Elsevier helps companies comply with post-market surveillance regulations

White Paper

Due to recent regulatory changes and the continued deluge of clinical data and research, literature reviews are becoming more time consuming and difficult.

Read about 5 ways to make pharmacovigilance literature monitoring and review more comprehensive and manageable


Watch Embase and QUOSA experts demonstrate how to automate literature monitoring for more effective pharmacovigilance.

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Customer Testimonials

Embase is an essential resource for post-market monitoring of medical devices—I can't imagine doing that kind of safety monitoring without it.

Dr. Su Golder, Research Fellow at the University of York (PDF, 746kb).

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