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Why medical device manufacturers can rely on Embase

The regulations are already tough – and getting tougher. Updated directives such as the European Commission’s MEDEV, MDR, and recent signals from the FDA mean closer scrutiny of clinical data. As a result, there are more stringent requirements to issue regular, accurate updates including Clinical Evaluation Reports, Post-Market Clinical Follow-Ups, and Period Safety Update Reports. If device manufacturers aren’t prepared to comply when the new guidelines take effect, they’ll face both legal and commercial consequences.

Embase makes your work easier by providing a quicker and more streamlined way to access medical literature. PICO-based searches enable you to source accurate data and to be constantly vigilant of all data relating to your product, including adverse events and competitive performance metrics.

Providing 2,900 more journals than free sources, and 3.2 million abstracts from 7,000 conferences, Embase is the gold standard that gives you maximum coverage – and maximum confidence that you can stay on the right side of the regulators.

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How Embase helps you


Depend on reputable sources
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The guidelines of at least six highly-regarded regulatory authorities, health technology assessment bodies and other EBM related agencies specifically name Embase as a potential source to be used.


Increase efficiency and productivity

Embase’s PICO search function makes reporting faster, while satisfying regulatory guidelines for objective, non-biased, systematic search and review.


Bridge content gaps
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Embase covers 2,900 more journals than MEDLINE. In one example, Embase indexed 12,458 references to one manufacturer: 5,413 of them were not on MEDLINE.

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Embase is an essential resource for post-market monitoring of medical devices—I can’t imagine doing that kind of safety monitoring without it.

– Dr. Su Golder
Research fellow at University of York

I have an alert compiled to send me the newest product-related articles at the beginning of each month. This email helps me to be aware of potential hot topic requests.

– Dawn McMillen
Library resources supervisor at Stryker Orthopedics

Embase gives you:

Comprehensive and up-to-date information, with more than 35 million records from more than 8,500 journals, and grey literature from more than 2.3 million abstracts representing over 7,000 conferences.

A dedicated medical device search form and device subheadings that show relationships to related terms (e.g., adverse device events, device comparison, device economics).

4,500+ device terms with just over 10,000 device trade names in Emtree, the Embase thesaurus.

Indexing of device trade names and manufacturer names representing 2,500 manufacturers.

Get comprehensive coverage. Get complete confidence.