Embase journal selection procedures

Embase provides researchers with confidence that they’ve found all the essential biomedical evidence thanks to comprehensive, up-to-date and evidence-based content. To remain covering the most important international biomedical literature and to remain the biggest biomedical database available Embase welcomes librarians, journal publishers, editors and medical associations to submit their titles. Recommendations for new journal titles may be made by making use of the Journal Title Suggestion form or visit the journal title suggestion form in Chinese language here.

Minimum requirements

Scientific quality and editorial coverage

  • Journals should publish peer reviewed content
  • The journal should have English titles available
  • The inclusion of author abstracts and references in journal articles are taken into consideration as quality indicators. The appearance and quality of the English abstract contributes to the overall assessment. If the article language is in a non-Roman script, English language titles must be provided

Information about the journal

  • The journal should be published on a regular basis (i.e., have an ISSN that has been confirmed by the ISSN International Centre)
  • The journal should be available in electronic format
  • The journal should have a publication ethics and publication malpractice statement
  • The journal should have a clear editorial policy and a website that is accessible in English that refers to this information

Scope and subject coverage

For submission to Embase the journal content should be in the scope and subject area covered by Embase and describing using one of more subjects from the Embase classification list (can be found when submitting your request through the form), only journals that are in scope will be reviewed for addition to Embase.


Journals which are selected following submission are added to Embase from January of the year in which they are selected (as soon as they can be acquired).

Final selection decisions for individual journals may take up to 6-12 months.

International coverage

As Embase aims to provide as broad an international coverage as possible we seek high quality journals from all countries of publication and special attention is given to journals from outside the main publishing areas (notably North America and Western Europe).
Journals in all languages may be covered, but for journals with articles in languages other than English, we seek general presence of English abstracts.