Embase journal selection procedures

Over 8,000 journals are currently indexed in Embase, and each year several hundred additional journals of potential interest are screened by an editorial committee entrusted with the review and quality assessment of biomedical publications for Embase.

Recommendations for new journal titles may be made by any interested party such as journal publishers, medical associations, journal editors or Embase users, making use of the Journal Title Suggestion form below or visit the journal title suggestion form in Chinese language here.

Journals which are selected following submission (with an annual deadline of 1 October) are added to Embase from January of the following year (as soon as they can be acquired), although confirmation of coverage of individual titles may take up to 1 April. The Embase team will only contact the journals that were selected for coming year. No confirmation mail until 1 April of the following year, means that the journal did not fulfill the selection criteria.

The minimum key assessment criteria are as follows:

Scope and subject coverage

Journals should cover one or more of a wide range of biomedical topics. Core topic areas in Embase include:

  • Pharmacology, pharmaceutics and toxicology
  • Clinical and experimental human medicine
  • Basic biological science relevant to human medicine
  • Public health, including occupational and environmental health
  • Biomedical engineering and medical devices
  • Health policy, economics and management
  • Biotechnology

Scientific quality and editorial coverage

Scientific and editorial quality are important factors for journal assessment. Journals should generally be subject to peer review, although some non-peer-reviewed serials (e.g., newsletters) on core topics may be considered. The inclusion of author abstracts and references in journal articles are also factors taken into consideration as quality indicators.

Language requirements

Journals in all languages may be covered, but for journals with articles in languages other than English, English abstracts should generally be present. The appearance and quality of the English abstract contributes to the overall assessment. If the article language is in a non-Roman script, English language titles must be provided.

Geographic coverage and source of origin

Embase aims to provide as broad an international coverage as possible. High quality journals are selected from all countries of publication but, other things being equal, special attention is given to journals from outside the main publishing areas (notably North America and Western Europe).

Almost all Embase content is currently derived from the serial literature, defined as publications with an ISSN (including Book Series, some Trade Journals and selected Newsletters), provided that the form and quality of their content is comparable to that of articles from scientific journals. Electronic-only (Internet) journals are also covered by Embase.

Other publications such as books and monographs without an ISSN, theses and reports, are out of scope, except for sources in which conference abstracts are published.