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List of journal titles in Embase

Embase provides unparalleled coverage of the biomedical literature, with 32 million+ records from almost 8,300 currently published journals. Embase includes six million+ records and 2,900+ journals that are not covered by MEDLINE. Also, Embase Classic provides access to data going back to 1947.

Download the full list of journal titles in Embase (XLSX, 754.1 KB). If you would like to suggest a journal title for inclusion in our database, please let us know by filling in this form.

List of conferences covered in Embase

Embase includes conference abstracts from important biomedical, drug and medical device conferences dating back to 2009. It currently indexes 7,000+ conferences covering over 2.4 million conference abstracts-advanced information that can’t be found searching MEDLINE alone.

Download the full list of covered conferences (XLSX, 764.4 KB)

Embase classic

Older records contain considerable biomedical information that drives current biomedical research. Embase Classic ensures that older data remains available to researchers.

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Embase indexing and Emtree

Emtree fact sheet

Our experts use Emtree, Elsevier’s life science thesaurus, for full-text indexing of journal articles.

Discover how this provides deeper insight into biomedical literature (PDF, 798.6 KB)

Embase indexing guide

This guide (PDF, 432 KB) details how Embase's records and licensed MEDLINE records are indexed for maximum discoverability.

What new terms have been added in the latest Emtree release?

A list of all new terms from the latest Emtree release is available here

As of January 2017, Emtree contains:

  • Over 75,000 preferred terms (more than 32,000 for drugs and chemicals)
  • Over 320,000 synonyms (more than 198,000 for drugs and chemicals)
  • Over 3,000 specific terms for general and medical devices (e.g., endoscopes, catheters, prostheses)
  • Several thousand terms for related medical procedures (e.g., endoscopy, catheterization)
  • 64 drug subheadings, including 47 routes of administration
  • 4 medical device subheadings
  • 14 disease subheadings
  • 38 check tags for study types, including randomized controlled trial, systematic review, and diagnostic test accuracy study
  • Links to over 24,000 CAS registry numbers

What are the differences between Emtree and MeSH?

Emtree and MeSH are both comprehensive biomedical and life science thesauri, respectively used to index the biomedical literature in Embase and MEDLINE. This short paper examines the differences between them, highlighting their relative merits in terms of the discoverability of data.