Facilitating government decisions in healthcare

An interview with Dr. George R. Khachatryan of RosMedEx

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RosMedEx is the federal budgetary institution that provides decision-support information and implements state healthcare policy in the Russian Federation. We spoke to Dr. George R. Khachatryan, their Deputy Head of the Department of Methodological Support for Comprehensive Health Technology Assessment, to learn about the challenges he and his team face in the execution of their work. He describes how information from Embase is essential in facilitating evidence-based medical decisions at RosMedEx.

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Dr. Khachatryan defines the main priority of his department as improving the quality of healthcare and patient access to better drugs and medical technologies. The department performs comprehensive health technology assessments (HTAs), focusing on the efficacy, safety and economic feasibility of drugs and treatments. The HTA methodology used by the team is reviewed regularly to ensure transparency and reliability. To achieve its goals, the team must access and assess a vast amount of information from peer-reviewed literature, conference abstracts and other sources.


Recognizing its value as a comprehensive source of information for HTAs, Dr. Khachatryan and his team use Embase regularly. They recommend it in the RosMedEx national guidelines for literature reviews supporting evidence-based medicine. The value of Embase goes beyond its database: the team also praises the dedicated query forms for different searches.

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"Performing a systematic search of peer-reviewed and grey literature using Embase is generally accepted as a best practice for evidence-based medicine." Dr. George R. Khachatryan, RosMedEx


Embase is an important tool to RosMedEx because it facilitates and accelerates research workflows, reducing the time and resources required to quickly access relevant information. Dr. Khachatryan also sees Embase as important to the Russian pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, supporting systematic searches, clinical and economic studies on drug viability, and general analytical work in the field of healthcare.

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"Embase is a reliable tool that accurately harvests fundamental information from trusted sources essential for clinical and economic studies of medicines." Dr. George R. Khachatryan, RosMedEx

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