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Leading hospitals, universities, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies around the world rely on Embase to provide the precise information they need with a comprehensive database of up-to-date biomedical literature. Read their stories here.

Dr. Su Golder’s work at the University of York - Embase customer story | Elsevier

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Adverse events are the focus of Dr. Su Golder’s work at the University of York. She assessed methods for finding adverse events across abroad range of literature sources, including social media. In this interview, she talks about the current state of adverse event monitoring and systematic review planning.

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Politecnico Di Milano

Politecnico Di Milano - Embase | Elsevier

Federico Aletti, a research fellow in cardiovascular medicine, uses Embase to find papers on the systems responsible for regulating blood pressure faster than other research.

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Scientific Documentalist

Scientific Documentalist - Embase | Elsevier

Marialaura Martinico, a scientific documentalist who works at various institutes, uses Embase to review all the scientific literature in an efficient, single and exhaustive search.

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Major Generics Manufacturer

Major Generics Manufactuer - Embase | Elsevier

A pharmacovigilance team at a major generics manufacturer relies on Embase to quickly create accurate, highly-targeted search strings, saving time and money.

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Evidence-based medicine


%Thumbnail for of Russian government center RosMedEx | Elsevier

In this interview, Dr. George R. Khachatryan of Russian government center RosMedEx, discusses the challenges involved in ensuring accuracy in health technology assessments.

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Texas Christian University

 Texas Christian University | Elsevier

Alysha Sapp, a nursing and nurse anesthesia librarian, uses Embase to empower her work on systematic reviews and to help with more routine student studies.

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Moscow State Lomonosov University

Moscow State Lomonosov University | Elsevier

Elena Koroleva, an environmental scientist, uses Embase to ensure that she, her research group and her students have all of the biomedical information they need to understand the environmental and human impact of medial developments.

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Aarhus University Hospital

Aarhus University Hospital | Elsevier

Edith Clausen, a research librarian, uses Embase to help her quickly and confidently find the information her colleagues need to support their clinical, research and educational duties.

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Management of Scientific Centers

Management of Scientific Centers | Elsevier

Avinash Permraj, a research scientist, uses Embase to deal with the ever-increasing amount of information on biological processes, novel techniques and new concepts in animal biotechnology and veterinary research data.

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Medical devices

Stryker Orthopedics

Dawn McMillen customer story - Embase | Elsevier

Dawn McMillen, a library resources supervisor, uses Embase to locate information on specific medical device products and to perform literature searches. She also takes advantage of Embase's automated alerts to stay up to date on trending topics.

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