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Muscular System

Corpus anococcygeum

Anococcygeal Ligament

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Musculi vertebrales anteriores et laterales

Anterior & Lateral Vertebral Muscles (Left)

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Venter anterior musculi digastrici

Anterior Belly of Digastric Muscle

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Compartimentum anterius brachii

Anterior Compartment of Arm (Left)

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Compartimentum anterius antebrachii

Anterior Compartment of Forearm (Left)

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Compartimentum anterius cruris

Anterior Compartment of Leg (Left)

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Compartimentum anterius femoris

Anterior Compartment of Thigh (Left)

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Musculi intertransversarii anteriores colli

Anterior Intertransversarii Colli Muscles (Right)

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Musculus antitragicus

Antitragicus Muscle (Right)

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Musculus articularis genus

Articularis Genus Muscle

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Pars aryepiglottica musculi arytenoidei obliqui

Aryepiglottic Part of Oblique Arytenoid Muscle

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