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Renal Artery
Cardiovascular System

Renal Artery

Arteria renalis

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Quick Facts

Origin: Left lateral side of abdominal aorta.

Course: Passes approximately at a right angle from the aorta and travels laterally into the renal hilum.

Branches: Inferior suprarenal, ureteric, anterior and posterior renal arteries.

Supplied Structures: Left kidney, part of the suprarenal gland, and left superior ureter.

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The left renal artery originates at the left lateral margin of the aorta, slightly superior to the origin of the right renal artery.


The left renal artery passes anteriorly to the left renal vein, across the left crus of the diaphragm, entering the kidney at the renal hilum.


The left renal artery branches into the inferior suprarenal and ureteric arteries, and the terminal branches of the anterior and posterior renal branches.

Supplied Structures

The renal artery supplies the perirenal fat, renal capsule, and cortex and medulla of the kidney. The renal artery is one of the three arteries that supply the suprarenal gland, where it supplies the inferior portion of this endocrine gland.

It is one of several sets of segmental arteries that supply the ureter. The renal artery supplies the superior most portion of the ureter.

List of Clinical Correlates

- Accessory renal arteries

- Renal artery stenosis

- Hypertension

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Renal Artery

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