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Dorsal Branch of Sixth Posterior Intercostal Artery (Right)
Cardiovascular System

Dorsal Branch of Sixth Posterior Intercostal Artery (Right)

Ramus dorsalis arteriae intercostalis posterioris sextae

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The dorsal branches arise from the posterior intercostal arteries as they pass by the neck of the ribs.


From their origin, the dorsal branches of the posterior intercostal arteries pass posteriorly, between the adjacent ribs, lateral to the vertebral body and medial to the superior costotransverse ligament.


A spinal branch arises near the intervertebral foramen, where it enters to reach the vertebral canal. The dorsal branch also gives rise to lateral and medial cutaneous branches.

Supplied Structures

The spinal branch supplies structures of the vertebral canal, including the spinal cord and meninges. The medial and lateral branches supply muscles of the back, including components of erector spinae, latissimus dorsi and trapezius, as well as the overlying skin.

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Arteries are vessels transporting blood between heart, tissues, and other organs in order to supply them with nutrition and oxygen.

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