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Break through data barriers

Pharma and medical technology organizations need facts to make research and business decisions — facts extracted from a vast information landscape. With Elsevier as your partner, you can trust the quality of the data that answers your research and business questions. Applying our semantic technology, analytical services and tools, you can:

  • Innovate faster across the drug discovery and development lifecycle
  • Predict outcomes to make critical development and risk decisions
  • Manage post-market surveillance effectively to maximize safety

You are competing in a rapidly evolving environment that encompasses science, global regulatory patterns, market trends, supply chain dynamics and healthcare management. Elsevier can help you develop innovative, targeted drugs and ensure compliance and safety with:

Rich data sources

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Access the most comprehensive datasets in the areas of chemistry, disease biology, clinical pharmacology, and more.

Flexible data options

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Integrate datasets into your existing systems or use intuitive browser-based tools. Get the data you need the way you need it.

Analytics and AI-ready data

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Analyze your internal data or information from third-party sources. Make your unstructured content machine readable.

Professional Services

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Partner with domain and data experts who solve complex data challenges, and deliver scientific analysis and interpretation.

Making medical information findable

Pfizer and other pharmaceutical and healthcare companies collaborated with Elsevier to make medical information accessible via one portal, With Elsevier technology and Professional Services, disparate data was normalized and enriched for semantic search. As a result, healthcare professionals can now find medical information from 30 companies quickly and accurately.

Pfizer story

Structure and integrate your data for better discovery and applied analytics

Extracting valuable insights from unstructured data can be like a treasure hunt without a map. SciBite semantic technology helps you prepare both internal and external data for semantic discovery, analysis and machine learning. Integrating and semantically enriching data from multiple sources deepens insights and accelerates breakthroughs.

Manage your data at scale by working with our data experts to:

  • Structure your data and content
  • Integrate data and eliminate siloes
  • Translate data insights into action

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Bespoke data curation and applied analytics

Elsevier Professional Services can work with you to overcome complex data challenges. This team of highly experienced life science consultants specialize in:

  • Custom content and data curation
  • Predictive modelling
  • Building knowledge graphs
  • Analysis and interpretation and other custom data solutions

Life science data, ready to integrate and analyze

Tap into an extensive and growing body of life science and related data that is ready to be integrated into your systems and workflow.

Disease biology

  • >1.4 million entities
  • >13 million relationships
  • >201 million genetic variations

Medicinal chemistry

  • 1.7 million targets
  • 41 million activity data points
  • 34 million unique compounds
  • 570,000 source documents

Clinical pharmacology

  • >12 million adverse events
  • 22 million FAERS reports
  • >3 million clinical efficacy
  • 184,000 bioactivities
  • 410,000 metabolizing enzymes
  • 1.4 million PK data lines


  • 20 million unique reactions
  • 19.8 million unique conditions
  • >9.8 million substances
  • 33 million structures

Full-text literature

  • >18 million journal articles and book chapters
  • >39,000 books

Scientific intelligence

  • >1.8 billion cited references
  • >17.6 million researcher profiles
  • Journal, author and PlumX metrics

Biomedical literature

  • 40 million records
  • >4 million conference abstracts

This data can be used for machine learning, text mining and other data sciences processes, including predictive models to drive innovation and prioritize business activities.

Preclinical safety in a new era

Get a free curated collection of journal articles from 2020 and 2021.

Discover five articles that foretell developments with impact on the transition from preclinical to clinical stages.

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The tools to accelerate discovery and mitigate risk

Get the scientific content and tools you need to make data-driven decisions throughout the drug and medical device development life cycle.



Improve chemical R&D productivity with expertly curated structure, property and reaction data, experimental procedures and chemistry literature. Reaxys empowers hit identification and lead optimization with normalized substance-target affinity data and pharmacokinetic, efficacy, toxicity, safety and metabolic profiles.


SciBite Platform

Transform your life science data and accelerate its use in R&D with a suite of semantic solutions. SciBite enables data sharing, discovery, analysis and interrogation through ontology management, text analytics and enrichment, semantic search, deep learning and semantic algorithms to build powerful models.



Make more informed drug development decisions with critical data for comprehensive drug safety and efficacy risk assessment. Preclinical and clinical development researchers find comparative regulatory-based evidence on precedent drugs’ compliance with PharmaPendium.



Get the scientific, technical and medical research you need from the world’s premiere STEM knowledgebase. Decrease time to market with the peer-reviewed literature on ScienceDirect, including research in disease biology, drug discovery, pharmacology, preclinical and clinical studies.



Drug and medical device manufacturers use Embase to establish uniqueness, provide evidence of safety and comply with pre- and post-market regulatory requirements. Embase is the world’s largest database of biomedical evidence from published, peer-reviewed literature, in-press publications and conference abstracts.



Save time in R&D with smart tools to stay on top of scientific developments, find more relevant results, identify key opinion leaders and gain competitive intelligence. Updated daily, Scopus is a research database that indexes and connects the work of millions of researchers, institutions and companies around the world.


Biology Knowledge Graph

Get the deep evidence required to understand disease biology faster, improve target and/or biomarker identification and prioritization, and decide what drug targets to pursue and how to measure drug targets. The Biology Knowledge Graph contains 1.4M+ entities connected by 13.5M+ relationships and 65.8M+ referenced and viewable facts.

Pharma and medical technology solution stories

Creating a customized dataset for improved discovery

A pharmaceutical company was able to search 100,000 somatic mutations identified via NLP from the literature and curated into a dataset by Elsevier’s Professional Services team.

Building a one-stop platform for chemistry information

Lundbeck broke down data silos and increased data interoperability by using Reaxys to integrate internal data with content from commercial databases in a single cheminformatics platform.

Making more informed drug development decisions

A scientist in metabolism, drug interaction and genetics found comparative extracted data on approved drugs with PharmaPendium that provided valuable insights into drug development programs and decisions.

What’s new in pharma and medical technology

Learn more about advances in pharma and medical technology from our industry partnerships and internal experts.