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Participant Profile: Reset Therapeutics

Reset Therapeutics is an integrated discovery and development company with a therapeutic platform that can be directed toward many molecular targets across the therapeutic spectrum. We need as broad a platform as possible for exploring the paths our drug discovery platform may take us. Integrating our data with the literature and finding new connections via Elsevier Solutions is a way to make efficient, effective and cost-conscious decisions about how to build the company.

I see a great benefit for early-stage companies to partake in The Hive and have access to Pathway Studio, Embase, PharmaPendium, Reaxys, and ScienceDirect. The Hive will definitely help with R&D productivity, efficiency and organization. Melissa Fleury, Scientist, Reset Therapeutics

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Company Profile

Reset Therapeutics is a development-stage pharmaceutical company pioneering first-in-class approaches to treating diseases by restoring the body’s natural 24-hour, or circadian, rhythms. Adverse changes in hormonal, behavioral and cellular rhythms are hallmarks of cardiometabolic, CNS and inflammatory disorders, some cancers and senescence. Reset’s most advanced drug discovery programs target orphan metabolic and CNS disorders, the latter in partnership with Alkermes. Reset is also pursuing novel therapies to address excessive daytime sleepiness in Parkinson’s disease with funding from The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

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Meet the team

Ross Bersot, CFA President and CEO - The Hive | Elsevier

Ross Bersot, CFA
President and CEO

Ross founded Reset Therapeutics in 2008 with Dr. Ronald Evans of the Salk Institute and Drs. Joseph Takahashi and Masashi Yanagisawa from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Prior to co-founding Reset, Mr. Bersot served as a Managing Director of Bay City Capital, where he focused on investment opportunities in visionary biopharmaceutical and technology companies.

We hope to bring breakthrough treatments to patients in need. Access to the Elsevier Solutions will inform our decision-making process, and hopefully, our chances of developing safe and effective new drugs.

Paul Humphries, Ph.D.
  Head of Drug Discovery - The Hive | Elsevier

Paul Humphries, Ph.D.
Head of Drug Discovery

Paul joined Reset Therapeutics as the Head of Drug Discovery at Reset Therapeutics after serving as a Senior Principal Scientist at Pfizer. where he worked in the area of Metabolic Diseases.

Given the fact that Reset is a phenotypic, disease-area agnostic research company it is important to have access to all of the top scientific journals offered by ScienceDirect. In my previous life as chemist I also enjoyed using Reaxys and it’s great to have access to this excellent resource once again. Going forward, I look forward to utilizing Pathway Studio in order to better mine information related to our current mechanisms of action.

Jamie Cope, Ph.D.
  Director, Translational Medicine - The Hive | Elsevier

Jamie Cope, Ph.D.
Director, Translational Medicine

Jamie is responsible for coordinating the process of moving Reset’s lead Cryptochrome modulator program from proof of concept to IND submission and early to mid-stage clinical development.

Since having had the opportunity of using Elsevier’s Hive, I can already appreciate the convenience and power of a coordinated set of tools built on Elsevier’s growing dominance. To offer one concrete example, some years ago I spent more time and more emails than I care to admit in the ultimately unsuccessful search for a 1970’s era monograph on a grandfathered therapeutic polymer. In less than five minutes on PharmaPendium in The Hive, I found it.

Tod Steinfeld
  Senior Principal Scientist - The Hive | Elsevier

Tod Steinfeld
Senior Principal Scientist

Tod is currently the biology lead for the orexin program for the treatment of narcolepsy. He made the initial discovery of orexin receptor allosteric modulators at Reset as part of an NIH-funded grant for narcolepsy and he continues to further characterize these molecules.

The immediate access to top scientific journals offered by ScienceDirect is important in maintaining pace for a nimble and cutting-edge research organization.

Melissa Fleury
  Scientist - The Hive | Elsevier

Melissa Fleury

Melissa is a medicinal chemist with 13 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Before joining Reset Therapeutics, she worked at Gilead, Theravance and MyoKardia, where she contributed to bioactive molecules synthesis and design for treating diseases affecting the liver, heart, lung and intestine.

I used Reaxys to help us design synthetic route more efficiently. I see a great benefit for early-stage companies to partake in The Hive and have access to Pathway Studio, Embase, PharmaPendium, Reaxys, and ScienceDirect. The Hive will definitely help with R&D productivity, efficiency and organization.

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