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Participant Profile: Myelo Therapeutics

While preclinical and first clinical studies have confirmed good safety and efficacy in CIN prophylaxis, the molecular mode of action and binding site at the target molecule is not yet fully elucidated. Working with Elsevier, Myelo hopes to achieve this, and it’s the primary objective of their non-clinical research program.

Company Profile

Myelo Therapeutics is a Germany-based pharmaceuticals company that develops innovative treatments in areas of high unmet medical needs. The company’s lead compound, Myelo001 – the first new therapy option for chemotherapy-induced neutropenia (CIN) in over 20 years – is currently being investigated in a clinical trial.

Meet the team

Dirk Pleimes
  Managing Director and Chief Medical Officer - The Hive | Elsevier

Dirk Pleimes
Managing Director and Chief Medical Officer

After several years in big pharma R&D in Neurology, Ophthalmology and Hematology, Dirk co-founded start-up Myelo Therapeutics, where he leads the R&D team to develop novel molecules from preclinical to clinical phase 3 in areas of high unmet medical needs.

Participation in The Hive enables Myelo to conduct an optimized search of relevant data via software assisted literature research. This ability to view our research in context of the knowledge and expertise of the global scientific community will make our work more efficient.

Dr. Corinna Asang
  Science and Clinical Trial Manager - The Hive | Elsevier

Dr. Corinna Asang
Science and Clinical Trial Manager

After her PhD in HIV-1 RNA splicing followed by several years of postdoctoral research in the field of immunology and pediatric cancer at the University Hospital Düsseldorf, Corinna joined Myelo Therapeutics to develop the company’s antiviral research area.

Accessing the immune response’s molecular interactions and downstream pathways more rapidly, significantly optimizes. Together with additional data available from the research community, the Hive program speeds up the transition from experimental data to novel hypothesis for antiviral mechanisms.

Patrik Brehm
  Preclinical Research Manager - The Hive | Elsevier

Patrik Brehm
Preclinical Research Manager

Patrik joined Myelo Therapeutics to direct the bulk of pre- and non-clinical research on Myelo001 afterstudying biochemistry at LMU in Munich and earning his master’s thesis on the stem cell-like seam cells in C. elegans at the Imperial College London.

Being part of the Hive provides us with easier access to relevant information via Elsevier’s software assisted literature research. Moreover, the ability to quickly connect the latest data with available literature knowledge helps us to streamline research analysis, which in turn speeds up our workflow, enabling better future research decisions and cost savings.

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