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Participant Profile: Arctic Pharma AS

Arctic Pharma AS and Elsevier are working together to provide the start-up company with the solutions they need to optimize their lead compounds in order to select one for future pre-clinical trial studies. Their ultimate goal is to bring to market a therapy for breast cancer that targets the energy metabolism of the tumor.

Company Profile

Aiming to be a leader in environmentally friendly cancer therapies that have few side effects, Arctic Pharma AS is a start-up company developing innovative anti-cancer drugs by exploiting the sweet tooth of cancer cells. By targeting key enzymes that are up-regulated in cancer cell metabolism using inhibitors designed by them, Arctic Pharma is able to develop new pharmaceuticals with fewer side effects to combat cancer.

Meet the team

Claudia A. McDonald Bøen, Ph.D. CEO - The Hive | Elsevier

Claudia A. McDonald Bøen

Responsible for Arctic Pharma’s strategy and vision, Claudia oversees the day-to-day operations of the business and its employees.

The Hive project will increase visibility of my team’s work in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Access & training to Elsevier’s information solutions will help us in our goal to develop and optimize our lead compounds to the clinic.

Steffi Lundvall, Ph. D.
  Project Leader in Biochemistry - The Hive | Elsevier

Steffi Lundvall
Project Leader in Biochemistry

Steffi is involved in Arctic Pharma's biochemistry department, where she plays a major role in the development and execution of enzymatic assays.

The Hive will enable me to keep up-to-date in the field of cancer drug development through ScienceDirect. I will be able to collect information on target enzymes, assay development and obtain frequent updates on advances in the field of cancer research. Since we are working with small molecule drug discovery, the programs Reaxys® Medicinal Chemistry and PharmaPendium™ are especially interesting.

Bora Sieng, Ph.D.
  Project Leader in Medicinal Chemistry - The Hive | Elsevier

Bora Sieng
Project Leader in Medicinal Chemistry

Bora leads the medicinal chemistry part of the company, designing and synthesizing compounds of interest.

Elsevier’s solutions will provide us with rapid access to chemical data. Reaxys® when planning new synthetic routes to find relevant examples; Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry for finding compounds which are known to interact with our target and thus help us when designing analogs and to synthesize more potent compounds; and PharmaPendium™ will help us with our drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics studies of our lead compounds before we go into animals.

Roman Volchenkov, M.D., Ph. D.
  Project Leader in Cellular Biology - The Hive | Elsevier

Roman Volchenkov
M.D., Ph. D.
Project Leader in Cellular Biology

Roman is responsible for designing and conducting experiments in cell-based assays for drug candidates – testing their effects on cell growth, cell death, DNA fragmentation among other applications.

The Hive will keep me updated on methods available for evaluation of cellular effects of drug candidates and ensure that Arctic Pharma’s work and protocols are in line with current standards of drug development and testing.

Drug Discovery and Development:
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