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Translating science to product

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4P-Pharma has a mission to reduce attrition rates and developmental costs, enrich the drug candidate pipeline and translate science into human health products. To this end the company can partner with academic institutions or biotechnology companies.

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Using development expertise to get more innovative drugs through the pipeline

4P-Pharma was founded in response to the urgent need to increase the number of innovative therapeutics entering the drug development pipeline for cancer and inflammatory diseases. The 4P team has an important role in this process, combining complementary expertise and seasoned experience in pharmacology, biology, drug development, formulation and translational research.

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Patients first

Answering high unmet needs is the prime focus of 4P-Pharma. To date the company develops six technologies in its laboratory with a special focus on oncology.  Their pipeline includes New Chemical Entities, biologics, and fixed dose combinations for the treatment of several type of cancer and cancer resistance to chemotherapies.

Meet the team

Revital Rattenbach, PhD - portrait image | Elsevier

Revital Rattenbach, PhD

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

In 2014, Dr. Rattenbach co-created 4P-Pharma in response to the urgent need to increase the number of innovative therapeutics entering the developing drug pipeline for cancer and inflammatory diseases. She is the company CEO and holds a PhD in Aging Biology from Paris-Descartes University, a MBA from IAE Paris and has attended HEC Challenge+ School of Management.

Itschak Lamensdorf, PhD - portrait image | Elsevier

Itschak Lamensdorf, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder

Dr. Lamensdorf leads the company’s drug pipeline development in oncology, inflammation and abuse-deterrent fields. He also founded and is President of Pharmaseed, an Israeli CRO, and has been responsible for its scientific course of expansion, national and international collaborations, and staff excellence. Dr. Lamensdorf was also CEO of Thrombotech, a company developing new technology for treatment of stroke.

Luigi Formicola, PhD - portrait image | Elsevier

Luigi Formicola, PhD

BD & Project Manager

Luigi Formicola joined 4P-Pharma in 2014 to manage and administrate internal projects and business development activities. He holds a PhD in Morphogenetic and Cytological Sciences from La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy.

Céline Martin, PhD - portrait image | Elsevier

Céline Martin, PhD

R&D Lab Manager

Céline Martin joined the company in 2014 as a Preclinical Study Director and R&D Lab Manager, and she oversees the company’s research team studies and activities. She holds a PhD in Biology from Burgundy University, Dijon, France.


"The Hive program and Elsevier’s R&D solutions will help us speed up our research processes and enable us to move our drug pipeline as quickly as possible from the preclinical to the clinical stage for the patients benefit." Dr. Revital Rattenbach
"The challenge for a biotech company is to be very innovative, move fast and in the right direction. This program will give the team access to a complementary, broad range set of software that will be useful for research design, analysis, and stay up-to-date with the latest trending ideas in the field." Dr. Itschak Lamensdorf
"As a preclinical scientist, staying up-to-date with the latest methods and models is paramount for the design and conduct of my studies. I have no doubt that ScienceDirect and Embase will be valuable additions for my work." Dr. Céline Martin
"Data mining can become very time-consuming without access to centralized databases. I anticipate that our projects will benefit from tools such as PharmaPendium, Embase and Pathway Studio. These softwares will allow us to quickly access invaluable information regarding drug candidate mode of actions and properties, which in turn will help us in our projects prioritization." Dr. Luigi Formicola

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