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Data, analytics and technology capabilities to more efficiently and comprehensively monitor and analyze the constantly growing body of biomedical literature

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Ensure Continuous Patient Safety in an Evolving Pharmacovigilance Environment

Failure to identify an adverse event comes with high costs for patients and pharma and medical device companies. Threats to patient safety, hefty fines from regulatory authorities and potential damage to a company’s reputation are all risks stemming from both a failure to predict as well as a failure to monitor and respond quickly when an adverse event is detected.

Elsevier R&D Solutions helps pharma companies maintain patient safety and regulatory compliance with strategies and tools to proactively monitor and analyze the everexpanding library of biomedical literature.


Elsevier R&D Solutions for Pharma & Life Sciences


Embase increases the discovery and management of biomedical evidence to support critical life sciences functions, delivering relevant, up-to-date biomedical information to the global research community.

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QUOSA PV reduces time spent monitoring, organizing and annotating scientific and medical literature for triage and compliance reports such as PSURs and ICSRs.

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Professional Services

Elsevier R&D Solutions Professional Services team helps drive pharmaceutical research in innovative directions by resolving challenges with data quality and integration, resulting in data that is easier to compare, analyze, interpret and share.

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PharmaPendium provides the comparative and up-to-date information needed to verify pharmacokinetic and experimental data, anticipate species-specific issues in translating in vitro and in vivo studies, and predict potential drug–drug interactions, and design clinical trial studies to comply with regulatory requirements.

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Patient Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Truly improving patient lives means ensuring their safety after your drug has launched. And that requires tools to assist in data and literature management and processing.

Five Ways to Make
Literature-Monitoring More
Comprehensive and Manageable

Due to recent regulatory changes and the continued deluge of data, information, and research, biomedical literature reviews are becoming much more time consuming and difficult.

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Literature Monitoring – Pharmacovigilance

A Practical Guide to End-To-End Pharmacovigilance

A Practical Guide to End-To-End Pharmacovigilance

In response to new drug safety regulations that require PV teams to cover the full product life cycle, we present a practical guide to end-to-end pharmacovigilance.

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A Practical Guide to End-To-End Pharmacovigilance

Patient Safety and Regulatory Compliance Amidst Increased Complexity

Drug safety regulations now demand coverage of the full medicinal product life cycle. This new paper proposes steps that PV leaders should take to meet these expectations.

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Patient Safety and Regulatory Compliance Amidst Increased Complexity

Minimize Risk in Pharmacovigilance

Minimize Risk in Pharmacovigilance

Every pharmaceutical company must have a solid strategy to screen scientific literature and conference proceedings for adverse events involving their products. See how Elsevier can help minimize your risk.

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Case Study: How Elsevier’s
Professional Services Team
Designed and Implemented a
Fully-Scalable Strategy to Ensure

Missing adverse events can lead to serious consequences. When a top pharma firm received a regulatory warning letter, they turned to Elsevier.

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Case Study – Pharmacovigilance


When data scientists and pharmacologists worked together to develop a computer  algorithm that could catch deadly drug interactions, they revealed unseen potential to protect patient safety.

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