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Enable and Streamline Lead Optimization and Hit Identification

Drug development success (and efficiency) hinges upon identifying the most robust lead compounds from a promising set of hits. Helping researchers make the smartest decisions requires the right mix of pharmacokinetic, efficacy, toxicity, safety and metabolic data.

Elsevier R&D Solutions supports hit-to-lead, lead optimization and synthesis route planning by providing comprehensive compound data, extensive reaction information and synthesis route models. Through leveraging these capabilities, pharmaceutical companies can enable multi-parametric lead optimization and overcome synthesis bottlenecks in drug development workflows. Elsevier R&D Solutions also enables the integration of trusted research content and data by computing in-house data in a single environment, which leverages existing infrastructures, simplifies comparisons, and delivers insights into experimental results.

Lead Optimization

Elsevier R&D Solutions for Pharma & Life Sciences


Reaxys improves productivity, combining experimental chemical data and essential literature to return relevant extracted chemical data and citations in response to chemistry questions.

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Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry enables drug researchers to quickly and confidently identify the most promising compounds, covering critical areas for medicinal chemistry research, including in vivo animal studies, in vitro efficacy, and drug pharmacokinetics and toxicity data.

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Professional Services

Elsevier R&D Solutions Professional Services team helps drive pharmaceutical research in innovative directions by resolving challenges with data quality and integration, resulting in data that is easier to compare, analyze, interpret and share.

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ScienceDirect, Elsevier’s leading information solution for researchers, enables pharma researchers to more effectively and efficiently search authoritative, full-text scientific, technical and health content through the use of smart, intuitive functionality.

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Real Stories. Real Science. Real Time.

Meet the biotech companies selected to take part in The Hive - Elsevier's new program for startups that provides complimentary access to Elsevier’s suite of solutions to power their R&D. Follow The Hive for first-person stories from the fresh, innovative, and agile world of drug discovery and development and see how these companies are changing the industry’s landscape and improving the lives of patients.

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Reducing the Likelihood of Late-Stage Failures

Investments in pre-clinical drug research can improve your chances for downstream development success.

Lead Optimization – Big Data

Big Data, Wider Mindset

Systems biology and systems chemistry are laying the foundation for a shift in mentality that overcomes the disconnection between how drugs are created and how they are used.

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Lead Optimization – Big Data

De-Risking Pharmaceutical Development with High-Quality Information

How does data-driven drug development reduce risk of late-stage failure? And how can information providers ensure data usability for early drug discovery?

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De-Risking Pharmaceutical Development with High-Quality Information


Reducing Failure at the Most Expensive Preclinical Stage

Reducing Failure at the Most Expensive Preclinical Stage

Reducing the cost and difficulty of lead optimization is now possible. This new article looks at the benefits of high-quality data and in silico tools in drug development.

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Reducing Failure at the Most Expensive Preclinical Stage

We very rarely have to go beyond Reaxys and read the source to find what we need.

Dr. Anders Lohse Vice President of Project Management at NCK, discusses the role of high-quality data in his company’s research and how Reaxys supports the optimization of reactions, and more.

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Pharmaceutical R&D - Dr. Anders Lohse