Solution Story: Beating the competition to market in drug development

Reset Therapeutics leverages the interoperability of Elsevier’s R&D Solutions to quickly overcome drug development challenges and reach the market faster


To carry out the company’s mission, Reset Therapeutics researchers must design and synthesize molecules that can modify the processes involved in circadian rhythms in the brain and peripheral tissue. Access to data from peer-reviewed literature is important to their process, but, like all pharma and biotech companies, Reset faces a serious challenge in dealing with the sheer amount of that literature, especially since circadian rhythm research has been a very active field in recent years. The company also needs to stay on top of the patent literature to maintain awareness of existing substances and processes, determine if their compounds are patentable, and see what potential competitors are working on.


Elsevier’s R&D Solutions enables Reset’s various teams to overcome the drug discovery and development challenges they face in business development, medicinal chemistry and translational medicine research, and preparations for clinical trials. CEO Ross Bersot uses ScienceDirect to look for authors and disease areas of interest. PharmaPendium helps Mr. Bersot identify approved drugs relevant to his company’s research.

Meanwhile, the medicinal chemistry team uses Reaxys to find molecules that fit their needs and reactions they might need to investigate. It also allows them to investigate the patents for those molecules and processes. Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry helps them contextualize molecules in terms of biological interactions. Both ScienceDirect and Embase enable Jamie Cope, Reset’s Director of Translational Medicine, to stay current with the literature. He has RSS feeds and email alerts for new literature relevant to his searches in both ScienceDirect and Embase.

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To give ourselves the best competitive position and the best level of equivalence with potential collaborators, we have to know what everybody else knows. The only way to do that is to have access to a good suite of research tools.

Ross Bersot, CEO, Reset Therapeutics


Reset Therapeutics scientists say that access to scientific information from a single trusted source through interconnected research solutions helps to advance its drug discovery and development programs. Thanks to Reaxys, Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry and ScienceDirect, the medicinal chemistry team can move faster in the race against other drug developers, all of whom want to be first to market. Overall, Elsevier’s R&D Solutions empower the company’s teams to find information quicker and avoid wasting both time and resources.

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We can use Reaxys to look for reaction conditions and can go from there directly to ScienceDirect articles. That means that if we have an idea in our 10 o’clock meeting, we may have the chemistry working by that same afternoon.

Bruce Clapham, Director of Medicinal Chemistry