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Essential Disease Biology Data for Successful Drug Development

The research to understanding disease biology and identify promising targets is a difficult and expensive process whose accuracy can determine downstream success – or failures. Making the best early drug discovery and development decisions can mitigate later-stage – and more expensive – failures in the clinic.

Elsevier R&D Solutions’ technology provides critical biological data and enables collaboration so early drug development is as successful as possible – enabling drug companies to focus only on the targets that are most likely to succeed.

Disease Biology

Elsevier R&D Solutions for Pharma & Life Sciences

Pathway Studio

Pathway Studio facilitates the interpretation of experimental data, giving greater insight into the mechanisms of disease and accelerating biological research.

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Professional Services

Elsevier R&D Solutions Professional Services team helps drive pharmaceutical research in innovative directions by resolving challenges with data quality and integration, resulting in data that is easier to compare, analyze, interpret and share.

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Text Mining

Elsevier’s customized Text Mining service provides meaningful answers to complex questions through the retrieval of highly specified information from unstructured content.

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ScienceDirect, Elsevier’s leading information solution for both industry and university researchers, enables researchers to more effectively and efficiently search authoritative, full-text scientific, technical and health content through the use of smart, intuitive functionality.

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Scopus helps researchers detect trends, find research partnerships and identify key opinion leaders with the world’s largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, complete with tools to track, analyze and visualize scholarly research coming out of both industry and universities.

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Real Stories. Real Science. Real Time.

Meet the biotech companies selected to take part in The Hive - Elsevier's new program for startups that provides complimentary access to Elsevier’s suite of solutions to power their R&D. Follow The Hive for first-person stories from the fresh, innovative, and agile world of drug discovery and development and see how these companies are changing the industry’s landscape and improving the lives of patients.

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Reducing the Likelihood of Late-Stage Failures

Investments in pre-clinical disease biology research can improve your chances for downstream success.

Disease Data

The Impact of Modern Disease Biology Solutions
on Pharmaceutical Development

A deeper understanding of disease biology is facilitated by modern research solutions, such as text-mining tools and modeling software.

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Disease Data

Understanding Diseases: Deciphering Complex Biological Processes

Understanding complex biological processes is critical to finding the next life-changing drug.

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Understanding disease biology
Disease Models Data

From Big Data to Drug Targets: Harnessing the Power of Literature

Can modern text-mining solutions handle full-text literature reliably so that all the relevant information is available to inform decisions in pharmaceutical R&D?

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Disease Models Data

The Power of Mining Full-Text Articles for Pathway Analysis

Not all important scientific facts are found in article abstracts. Discover how Elsevier’s solution for disease biology can help you find what you’re missing.

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The Power of Mining Full-Text Articles for Pathway Analysis