Therapeutic Effects of Phenothiazine Compounds

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Identifying a Polypharmacological Profile for Phenothiazines

Therapeutic Effects of Phenothiazine Compounds

Extracting data from the Heatmap enables the exploration of the therapeutic effect of phenothiazine compounds with a pX value higher than 5.0 (Figure 8). Phenothiazine scaffolds could have potential as cytotoxic and antineoplastic agents.

Heatmap obtained for the phenothiazines present in the Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry database| Elsevier


This study demonstrates that in silico profiling using Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry is an efficient and rapid method to assess the polypharmacology of compounds, as shown here with the example of phenothiazine compounds. This method could be used to investigate the mechanism of action or act as a starting point for research into new indications for a compound.

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