Harnessing the power of content

Biological researchers face an overwhelming and constantly growing body of scientific literature that they must search through in order to keep up with developments in their field.

Harnessing the power of content

Staying up to date with new findings is critical, yet seemingly impossible. For years manual review and curation of scientific publications has been the gold standard.

But today researchers now have ready access to powerful computers, and the capabilities of text mining software have improved dramatically. This technology helps ensure researchers are not missing out on valuable insights from the literature. It also gives them a better understanding of the biology behind specific pathologies and drug responses, supports the target discovery process, and offers the competitive advantage that they need to succeed in their work.

In this white paper, you will learn more about:

  • The challenge of mining scientific literature
  • The problematic option of manual curation
  • How text-mining technology provides a better solution

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