Melanoma report - thumbnailSee how the Professional Services Group custom reporting can offer comprehensive insights on research hypotheses, therapy successes and adverse events, and more.

Elsevier Professional Services Group’s report, “The current state of melanoma research: insights & analytics” covers a comprehensive view of melanoma research including:

  • Protein targets and publication analysis
  • Small molecules and targets in the melanoma pipeline
  • Genetic predisposition & cancer driver mutations
  • Melanoma, immune suppression & gaps in melanoma treatment
  • Comparison of the adverse events for Keytruda & YERVOY
  • Trending topics

Key findings:

  • In 2018, two out of three of the most cited research papers mentioning melanoma in the title, abstract or keywords explore the influence of the microbiome in response to melanoma patients.
  • Two blockbuster drugs that treat melanoma, Keytruda and YERVOY, have been proven safe… But results do show a higher likelihood of having reports of inflammatory, thyroid and liver adverse events.
  • Keytruda should be used in combination with other immune-activating drugs for specific patients with non-PDCD1-suppressed immune responses.

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