Holistically addressing bottlenecks and attrition rates in drug development

Since the turn of the century, the pharmaceutical industry has seen dramatic changes, including dwindling drug pipelines, looming patent expirations and rising costs.

Holistically addressing bottlenecks and attrition rates in drug development

The improved access to high-quality data and the development of powerful in silico tools have helped researchers to better understand the underlying mechanisms of disease and predict the behavior of compounds in vivo, improving the outcome of various stages of the pharmaceutical R&D. However, there are major challenges prevalent throughout the industry including:

  • Lower revenue growth
  • Poor stock performance
  • The lowest number of new chemical entity (NCE) approvals
  • Poor late-stage R&D pipelines

To truly overcome the industry-wide challenges, innovative approaches are needed for all aspects of the drug development process. But chief among them may be the need to strategically address factors that create bottlenecks and attrition points in the drug development pipeline.

This white paper looks at some key aspects of early drug development that are ripe for innovation, with high potential for addressing the issues of the industry.

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