The pathways to understanding diseases: Deciphering complex biological processes

Understanding complex biological processes is critical whether doing basic research or trying to find the next blockbuster drug.

Biological networks are complex, and assembling them into a more comprehensive picture of a disease is a task that requires specialized training and expertise. While the information that describes a biological pathway may be spread across hundreds, if not thousands, of scientific publications, few researchers have the time or resources to connect all the dots, and validate the resulting pathway maps.

By providing expertly-curated pathway diagrams based on validated data from the literature, Elsevier can give researchers working on a wide range of topics a jump start to analyzing their experimental data, exposing some of the key processes of their particular system. Our aim is to provide reference pathways based on the most up-to-date information for the hundreds of diseases known to humans.

This white paper focuses on how this vast, diverse collection could help substantially advance biomedical research and contribute to countless cures.

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