Reality check: Is your chemistry knowledge system AI-ready?

cover-article-PLS_DDD_WP_Reality check chemistry AI ready_WEB-minAlthough Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nothing new, applying AI techniques to small-molecule drug discovery started to become feasible just the past couple years. This has triggered a wave of start-ups that employ AI to identify patterns hidden in large volume of data for finding drug-able targets and lead compounds.

Inevitably, AI will lead us to the full understanding of human biology and give us the means to fully address human disease. But before we get caught up in the exuberance of the technology, let’s take a step back and assess why clean and harmonized data is crucial and how clean data can help AI to achieve our ambitious objectives.

This white paper provides:

  • Our realistic overview of the big data challenges among the chemists
  • The check list to assess whether your chemistry knowledge system is AI-ready
  • How change management can ensure the transformational process successful

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