The challenges and promise of cancer immunotherapy — learnings from an R&D leaders’ forum

Cancer immunotherapy shows considerable promise as an effective treatment, especially for cytotoxic-resistant cancers such as melanoma.

The challenges and promise of cancer immunotherapy — learnings from an R&D leaders’ forum

With recently developed therapies demonstrating effectiveness, further research is underway in labs worldwide, looking at how to harness patients’ immune systems to fight disease. However, immunotherapy is not without its challenges, and there is still much to discuss and discover in this field.

On September 12, Elsevier and Cambridge Healthtech Institute co-organized a special online forum on the current state of research in cancer immunotherapy. The speakers were Dr. Rakesh Dixit and Dr. James Smothers, both leaders in immuno-oncology R&D.

The forum objectives were to present and discuss three critical topics:

  • Target selection and the immune response
  • Adverse reactions unique to immune therapies
  • Next-generation immune therapies

During the fascinating discussion, the speakers covered topics like target selection, adverse reactions, biomarkers, combinatorial therapies and the future of the approach. The full recording of this unique forum is available to listen to here.

About the speakers

Dr. Dixit is Vice President of Research & Development and Global Head of Biologics Safety Assessment at Medimmune, a member of the AstraZeneca Group. With over 60 papers in renowned peer-reviewed journals and many years of experience in the development of biological products, Dr. Dixit has a wealth of knowledge to draw on in discussions of immunotherapy and its use in cancer therapy.

Dr. Smothers is Vice President and DPU Head of Immuno-Oncology Combinations at GlaxoSmithKline, and is a named inventor on multiple patents and applications corresponding to monoclonal antibodies. He has many real-world insights into the biology-related issues for translating new cancer immunotherapies.

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