Catalyzing translational medicine through data access and stewardship

Translational medicine is a powerful concept that has had an evolving definition.

Essentially, though, the main idea has always been that the purpose of translational medicine is to translate information between basic research, patients and populations (also known as the bench, the bedside and the community). If knowledge gained through separate events can be linked into actionable, evidence-based steps, it could be a major boost to the drug development pipeline.

In this white paper, you will learn about:

  • The challenges that translational medicine is facing, as well as some of its successes
  • What pharmaceutical companies are doing to integrate the principles and models of translational medicine into their drug development process
  • How to leverage data-based evidence

During the fascinating discussion, the speakers covered topics like target selection, adverse reactions, biomarkers, combinatorial therapies and the future of the approach. The full recording of this unique forum is available to listen to here.

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