Sweet Spot of a Killer

Antibiotics were one of the 20th century’s greatest gifts to human (and animal) health.

However, these powerful drugs, which have been so good at killing harmful bacteria, are not infallible. Over time, our bodies have built up resistance, and so the development of antibiotics has become a kind of game in which the drugs must stay one step ahead of the body’s defenses. But we’re running out of options in this “arms race,” and creating novel antibiotics is often considered a financially risky investment. What’s more, it has become a major scientific challenge.

This white paper, which details efforts to find the right balance for an effective antibacterial, covers topics such as:

  • Understanding the hurdles that an antibiotic must overcome to reach its target
  • Finding new antibiotic targets to circumvent the target-specific resistance that has emerged against all antibiotic classes
  • Gaining insights from five different compound series that have been investigated to target DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV

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