Preparing the next generation of chemists: Teaching chemistry information literacy to digital natives

In the last seven decades alone, chemistry has made tremendous advances in such far-flung areas as catalysis, pharmaceuticals, spectroscopy, and the synthesis of complex natural products, and that trend promises to continue.


While digital natives – those people who grew up with digital technology at their fingertips – are certainly comfortable using modern tech, many still lack the ability to know when information is needed, where to locate it, and how to both evaluate and use it effectively. Too often, chemistry students are graduating without these skills – so what can be done to ensure that up-and-coming chemists are equipped with the tools and knowledge required to access critical data?

In this this white paper, you will:

  • Learn what it means for chemists to have information literacy and why it matters
  • Understand which specialized solutions are needed for chemical information
  • Discover best approaches for teaching chemistry information literacy to tomorrow’s innovators

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