Top Technology & Research Trends to Watch

To get a window into what’s happening next in the world of technology, look no further than your nearest materials science journal. In just the 10 years from 2004 to 2014, content in these journals has grown by 140%, as global players from China to India to the U.S. have intensified research efforts in order to bring thrilling new technologies to the world.

But what are the most intriguing current trends in the areas of tech & research? In this webinar, you will hear two industry experts discuss:

  • New funding efforts designed to speed up the process of getting ideas out of the lab and into commercialization
  • Why energy storage & generation, electronics and biomaterials are the hottest sectors right now
  • How industry/academic collaborations in 3D printing are leading to innovations and clinical benefits

View this informative webinar online now to hear expert presentations, followed by a Q&A session.