Top 5 circular economy solutions for chemical companies White Paper Chemicals & Materials

How chemical companies can transition to the circular economy

Top 5 circular economy solutions for chemical companiesEcological pressures, rising prices on critical resources and increasing consumer demand for sustainable products have converged to drive the emergence of a new circular economy where yesterday’s waste products become raw materials for tomorrow’s manufacturing pipelines. Although the push towards a circular economy presents significant challenges to chemical companies, we’ve identified some of the best solutions for businesses working to transition to circular economy operations.

In this white paper, learn more about:

  • Seeking sources of raw material that will create minimal environmental impact and increase safety for both producers and consumers
  • Using chemical recycling processes to reclaim plastic from your company’s own supply chain
  • Refurbishing machinery, leasing outdated equipment, and finding new uses for discarded plastics and byproducts to avoid waste

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