On spec, on time and green: Ideas for integrating green chemicals into manufacturing processes

Increasing regulatory requirements are requiring chemical companies to look deep into their processes and supply chains to make sure they are not using potentially hazardous chemicals, making the need to “go green” more pressing than ever. Developing a proactive strategy for responding to increasing regulations early can provide a competitive edge and help avoid costly delays down the line.

Manufacturing leaders can jumpstart their response to changes by considering these principles of green chemistry:

  • Safer Solvents and Auxiliaries, which have a significant impact on the chemical process as they allow for mass and energy transfer
  • Use of Renewable Feedstock, instead of current unsustainable practices
  • Catalysis, as catalytic reagents do not generate as much waste as stoichiometric inorganic reagents

Find out how these principles can guide your way to greener, better manufacturing processes in this new article.

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