How to write an emergency plan – book chapter by David Alexander
Published by Dunedin Academic Press (2016)

Emergency planning is an important part of modern life for organizations in many different areas. In his book, David Alexander outlines an approach for writing an emergency plan for those delegated the task of planning for a crisis.

His step by step guide is aimed at business managers, civil protection officers, security officials, defense commanders, neighborhood leaders and disaster managers.

What is the best approach to preparing in an emergency or disaster situation? David Alexander covers some of the following in his book:

  • The world is becoming increasingly more hazardous due to global change and natural and social processes creating situations of heightened vulnerability and risk.
  • The person delegated the task of preparing an emergency often does not have the means or instruction for writing the plan expected of them.
  • Improvisation is the alternative to making plans that help tackle disasters logically and rationally.
  • All emergencies are unique in some way, by following Alexander’s guide casualties may be avoided and damage reduced.

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