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Stephanie Reich, Freie Universität Berlin, German

Stephanie ReichStephanie Reich is a Full Professor of Physics at the Freie Universität Berlin (FUB). She obtained her PhD in Physics at the Technische Universität Berlin in 2001. She worked as a PostDoc at the ICMAB in Barcelona and at the University of Cambridge, before becoming an Assistant Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2007, she took up the Chair in Experimental Solid-State Physics at FUB. Stephanie is the Chair of the Focus Area NanoScale at FUB and organiSes the yearly Kirchberg Winterschool IWEPNM. Her group works on the physics and chemistry of carbon nanotubes, graphene, and other nanoscale systems. She is currently especially interested in tailoring nanomaterials by advanced functionalisation and in understanding the enhanced light-matter interaction provided by nanoscale plasmonic structures.