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Andrey Katrusha, New Diamond Technology, Russia

Andrey Katrusha

Andrey Katrusha is a world leader specialist in the field of growing large single crystal diamonds at high pressures. His primary expertise is in developing and modernizing high pressure cells for generating extreme p,T parameters in large volume, high pressure apparatus, as well as application of HPHT, e-HT treatments for directed change of color in natural and synthetic diamonds. His key subjects of interest include predetermined creation of defect-impurities state in diamond crystals during the growth process.

After completing his PhD from the Institute for Superhard Materials of Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences in 2004 under the supervision of academician Professor Nikolay Novikov, Andrey spent many years conducting sophisticated high pressure research of carbon phase transitions utilizing different types of high pressure equipment (“Belt”, “Toroid”, “BARS”, “Cubic”). During this time he was in charge of many scientific and R&D projects, particularly in Israel, India, Germany, Russia and Switzerland. Starting from 2013, in close cooperation with New Diamond Technology Ltd, Russia, Andrey has developed the revolutional approach of growing in chinese cubic-type high pressure equipment, the ultra large (<100 ct) colorless single crystal diamonds of type IIa, IIb, which exhibit excellent structural perfectness. As a result, the world-record polished diamonds were produced (<15 ct), and Andrey’s personal direct cooperation with world-class gemmological laboratories resulted in many publications for special features identification and studying in those crystals.

Perspective quantum luminescence centres (NV, Si-V, Ge-V), non-standard diamond crystallization mediums and crystal growth mechanisms, X-ray diamond applications, and CVD combined hetero-structures are within Andrey’s current strategic scientific projects.