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MUEGGE GmbH is the top international supplier and market leader in the field of industrial microwave and plasma technologies. Its portfolio includes microwave generators and components, including the corresponding power supply technology for various applications, such as industrial microwave heating, and especially plasma technology (Rapid Reactive Radicals Technology, R3T).

The microwave systems produced by MUEGGE are used to generate plasma for semiconductor applications, flat panel / OLED, MEMS, medical, environmental technologies, as well as in other industrial areas.

Manufacturing high-quality diamond crystals using microwave plasma systems is driving the increased worldwide demand for premium microwave components while confirming the technological and industrial leadership of MUEGGE GmbH in the development and manufacture of generators and components for the production of laboratory grown diamonds.

Diamond manufacturers are relying on the technologically advanced products and comprehensive expertise of MUEGGE for sophisticated production systems for diamond crystals. Core components in diamond production include high-performance switch-mode power supplies in conjunction with high-quality magnetron heads and precision measuring technology for ensuring extremely stable long-term plasma processes.

MUEGGE GmbH is a member of Meyer Burger Technology Ltd.

Website: www.muegge.de/en/