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Daicel is a Japanese company, which was formed through the merger of eight celluloid producers in 1919. We are involved in a variety of industries derived from celluloid, including our core technologies of cellulose chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and pyrotechnic engineering; various cellulosic derivatives, such as cellulose acetate made from natural pulp fiber, acetate tow for cigarette filters, and water-soluble polymers; various organic chemicals containing acetic acid and its derivatives; organic designed products, such as semiconductor resist polymer and LED encapsulants; engineering plastics, such as polyacetal and liquid crystal polymer (LCP); thermoplastic compounds containing long fiber-reinforced plastics and polymer alloys with engineering plastics; various other plastic products; products for the defense industry, such as propellants and pilot emergency-escape systems; and automobile airbag inflators. We are expanding our business areas beyond the bounds of the chemical industry.

As a part of our effort to create new business domains, we started developing the detonation nano-diamond taking full advantage of our long experiences in pyrotechnics. We have already established semi-commercial production capacity for the detonation, as well as for purification of the detonation soot to provide nano-diamond, and started introducing various types of single-digit-nano dispersion of nanodiamonds to the potential customers for evaluations.

Website: https://www.daicel.com/en/