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MUEGGE is the leading international manufacturer and provider of plasma source technologies, industrial microwave heating systems and the related components.

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SAIREM is among the international leaders specialized in microwave and RF laboratory and industrial equipment for plasma, chemistry, drying and food processing.

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Seki Diamond Systems is the leading provider of CVD diamond reactors — offering the industry’s broadest selection of Microwave Plasma CVD Systems, Hot-Filament CVD Systems, and Low Temperature CVD Systems. Hundreds of these systems have been delivered worldwide.

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STPL: 25+ Years of Brilliance

STPL is an Indian global leader, offering complete and ever evolving range of AI powered laser systems for Lab Grown & Natural Diamond processing.

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Chengdu Wattsine Electronic Technology is a national qualified Hi-tech company located in Chengdu High-Tech zone, Sichuan, China.

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