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Young scholar award DCM2017

Diamond and Carbon Materials Young Scholar Award
The International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials “Young Scholar Award” recognizes researchers in the early stage of their career and wishes to offer them an opportunity to highlight their recent results on an international stage through a combination of oral and poster presentations.

The six finalists for the DCM2017 Young Scholar Award are:

  1. Ms Kuralai K. Ashikkalieva, General Physics Institute of RAS, Russia
    Internal structure and electrical properties of laser-induced wires in diamond bulk
  2. Mr Y. Harada, Asahi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd., Japan
    Effect of solvents on boron-doped diamond synthesis by in-liquid microwave plasma CVD process
  3. Mr Simon Hemelaar, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Netherlands
    Fluorescent nanodiamonds as multi-purpose labels for (electron) microscopy
  4. Mr Marcell Kiss, EPFL, Switzerland
    Demonstration of V-groove diffraction gratings in single crystal diamond
  5. Mr Jorne Raymakers, Hasselt University, Belgium
    Expanding the scope of diamond surface chemistry: Stille & Sonogashira cross-coupling reactions
  6. Ms Nattakarn Suntornwipat, Uppsala University, Sweden
    The progress on the investigations of transferred-electron oscillations in diamond

The evaluation will be done in two different steps.

First, all abstracts and related letters of recommendation will be judged by the Young Scholar Award Selection Committee based on scientific novelty and quality. Out of all submissions, 4 to 6 applications will be selected. The abstracts of these applicants will be accepted for ORAL presentation during DCM2017. Together with a note earmarking them as Young Scholar Award abstracts, each of them will be placed in a session of the oral programme based on the topic of each individual abstract. (Hence, there will NOT be a separate Young Scholar Award session.)

In addition to the oral presentation, all of the shortlisted applicants will be asked to prepare a poster on the same subject of the abstract. These posters will be placed together and highlighted during the first poster session on Monday afternoon. This will provide the Young Scholar Award Selection Committee ample opportunity to evaluate the quality of the posters, and to interact with their respective presenters. This will then serve as the base to select the Gold and the Silver Award winners.

In addition to the highlighting of their work in the oral and poster programmes:

  • The Gold Young Scholar Award winner will receive a cash prize of 250 Euros, an Award certificate, and a Conference Dinner ticket.
  • The Silver Young Scholar Award winner will receive an Award certificate, and a Conference Dinner ticket.