After every conference, Elsevier sends a questionnaire to the attendees. Below are some comments made by the attendees of earlier editions of the International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials. They are displayed exactly as they were submitted.

"The organization of this conference. The scientific quality and its international significance.”

“Quality of presentations”

“Importance of the information gain at the conference”

“It is very well organized and it has interesting and hot topics”

“Great place to gain insight of what is happening in research involving diamonds and carbon materials”

“important forum for diamond R&D community”

“latest news from carbon field of research”

“great opportunity to find people to collaborate with; get to know what your competitors are doing at this moment”

“High quality of research presented”

“get feedback from your own research on carbon field”

“very motivating”

“The scientific quality and the very good organization”

“The quality of research announced”

“subjects of great interest”

“leading scientists from the world leading groups in the diamond field”

“possibility to keep up with the latest trends and newest research”

“the keynote speakers gave excellent talks”

“the speakers were well prepared and presented their work in a straight-forward and easy to understand fashion”

“The speaks given by researchers expert in their areas for long time, who presented a great view of their area, from the beginnings to the newest developments”

“If you attend Diamond Conference, you can realize the latest research, and exchange opinions with others”

“Highly motivated attendees”

“It was a great conference. All the big people in the field go to it. You get to find out what is new fast”

“very important event and gathering for diamond researchers worldwide”

“Number of presentations that give knowledge related to our research is larger than that in other conferences”

“The conference was informative because it had wide range of diamond technologies such as HPHT grown NPD, single crystal, and CVD diamonds”

“One of the best conferences on diamond”

“This conference provides a thorough overview of the state of the field, is well attended, and is characterized by high quality talks”

“Conference was very interesting and perfectly organized.”

“Diamond conference brought all the leading scientists under one roof.”

“Diamond Conference is very important for academic and research environment especially when working specifically with superhard materials.”

“The conference provides an excellent chance to communicate with all the experts in this field. You may get advice on solving your problems, you may also get new ideas.”

“The majority of the "diamond" community is present at this conference.”

“this is import to carbon area, new research and topics.”

“Talking with all the experts in this field is valuable for me, and the conference provided a great chance to get advice and new ideas via discussing with these famous people.”

“It is quite an important conference in my field- especially because it is a cross-over point from quantum optics research to the synthesis of diamond materials.”

“To maintain and develop new collaborations.”