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Materials Today Publishing Seminar

To be held at DCM2018: Sunday 2 September 2018 | 16:45-17:45
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In this interactive session we will discuss the publishing landscape, including the role of scholarly publishers and the Materials Today family in connecting communities. The Editor-in-Chief of Diamond and Related Materials will provide insights into publishing from the perspective of an author, editor, and referee; providing best practice advice on article preparation, and guidance on writing the ideal referee report. Together, we will explore new and existing publishing issues including ethics, article sharing, journal and article metrics, open access, article transfer, novel article formats, data sharing, and other essentials.

The session will be presented by Dr Liliana Birla (Publisher, Diamond and Related Materials) and Prof Ken Haenen (Editor-in-Chief, Diamond and Related Materials).

All participants are invited to continue the discussion initiated at this seminar by joining a dedicated discussions group on Mendeley. In advance of the seminar, we will provide all participants with access to our Mendeley group, giving everyone the opportunity to ask questions before, during and after the seminar. Click here to join now.

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