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Materials Today Diversity and Inclusion Workshop @ DCM2019

Presenters: Dr Christiane Barranguet, Publishing Director, Physical Sciences, Elsevier and Prof Jodie Bradby, Australian National University, Australia

Moderator: Dr Liliana Birla, Publisher, Diamond and Related Materials

Diamond and Related Materials journal, part of the extended Materials Today family, is organising a lunch workshop on “Diversity and Inclusion” at the 30th International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials.

Register your interest in attending this workshop on Monday 9 September 2019 by logging into your Materials Today account and completing the required fields. Lunch will be offered; the number of places available is limited.

Participation in this workshop is free to all delegates of the 30th International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials - don't forget to register for the main conference.

For full details on the workshop and to register your interest in attending, click here.

Abstract: Indicators of academic performance, diversity and inclusion in materials science

With the rapid pace of change in the communication and transfer of science due to technological advances, the role of the Publisher has evolved to encompass modern communication and digital technologies, data science and analytical tools.

Elsevier is constantly adapting its products to a scientific community who not only needs access to the latest articles but also data, software, curation and analytics which will help the processing and gathering of information.

From the scientific community at large, we learned how a diverse, inclusive and geographically balanced composition of our journals and conferences leads to an increase in quality and enhanced creativity.

Materials Science, a booming field of research at the interface of so many disciplines, is an ideal experimentation ground to try new vehicles to foster inclusion in communication, storage, management and access.

During my talk I will show the global trends in Materials Science, highlighting quality indicators and assessing future developments. Overlaying our strategy for growth to new partnerships and innovative projects, I will explain how we aim to become the natural home for all material scientists.

Christiane Barranguet

Publishing Director, Physical Sciences, Elsevier

Christiane studied oceanography in Uruguay and completed a DEA and a PhD in Oceanography in Marseille, France. After graduation, Christiane worked at the two major institutes for marine research in the Netherlands (NIOO and NIOZ), and later on at the University of Amsterdam, where besides her research work she mentored MSc, PhD and Post-doctoral students. Christiane has published over 30 scientific publications in international journals.

In 2004 she joined Elsevier to reposition the publication policy and manage the top international scientific journals in water research. Christiane developed information solutions around water research and technology including scientific conferences, new products and cooperation with NGO’s. Christiane was the publishing director of the Computer Science and Industrial Manufacturing group at Elsevier before moving to her present position.

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