Early career research award DCM2021

Application deadline: 19 April 2021

Diamond and Carbon Materials Early Career Research Award
The International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials “Early Career Research Award” recognises a postdoctoral researcher whose work, despite being in the early stage of his or her career, has already shown important impact in the field of diamond and carbon materials. The organisation wishes to offer the awardee the opportunity to highlight his or her achievements to date on an international stage through a plenary award presentation.

Who can apply?
All researchers who received their doctoral degree (e.g. DSc, PhD.) max. 10 years ago at the time of the meeting, and who do not hold a permanent or tenure-track position, unless this appointment is less than 3 years old at the time of the meeting. Periods corresponding to significant career breaks (parental leave, illness …), can be added to the above time limits provided this is clearly stated. A researcher can only apply twice for this award. Previous winners and invited speakers are not eligible.

How to apply?
Please send your nomination dossier to the Conference Content Executive at: Content-DIAM2020@elsevier.com (please do not email credit card information under any circumstances), with the subject “Early Career Research Award DCM2021”, before 19 April 2021, and include the following information:

  • A cover letter (max. 1 page) with your full contact details.
  • A personal statement (max. 1 page) clearly stating the achievements that are proposed for recognition, including one strong key sentence summarising your nomination.
  • A curriculum vitae (max. 2 pages), including number of papers that have been published, h-index, and total number of citations as of the submission date.
  • List of 5 key publications (max. 1 page), including number of citations and journal impact factor.
  • Two letters of recommendation (max. 2 pages each) from well-established senior scientists familiar with your qualifications, signed, and on letterhead.

The evaluation will be done by the conference organisation and award committee. The outcome will be communicated by the end of May 2021.

In addition to a Plenary Award Presentation (40 min.), Invited Speaker package, and Award certificate, the awardee will be highlighted via the different (social) media channels, including DCM, DRM, and Materials Today websites, etc.