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Early career research award DCM2017

Diamond and Carbon Materials Early Career Research Award
The International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials “Early Career Research Award” recognises a postdoctoral researcher whose work, despite being in the early stage of his or her career, has already shown important impact in the field of diamond and carbon materials. The organisation wishes to offer the awardee the opportunity to highlight his or her achievements to date on an international stage through a plenary award presentation.

The DCM2017 Early Career Research Award winner is:

Romana Schirhagl, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Netherlands
Presentation title: How to put diamonds in cells and why you would want to do that
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In addition to a Plenary Award Presentation (45 min.), Invited Speaker package, and Award certificate, the awardee will be highlighted via the different (social) media channels, including DCM, DRM, and Materials Today websites, etc.