Conference chairman

Ken Haenen, Hasselt University & IMEC vzw, Belgium

Ken Haenen

Ken Haenen is Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics, and director of the Doctoral School of Sciences and Technology at Hasselt University, Belgium, where he obtained his PhD degree in physics in 2002. He is also a guest professor at IMEC, Belgium. Ken is Editor-in-Chief of Diamond and Related Materials, Editorial Board Member of Scientific Reports and Physica Status Solidi, and a 2017 Volume Organiser for MRS Bulletin. He is involved in the organisation of several leading international diamond and nanocarbon conferences, including the International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials (Chair), Hasselt Diamond Workshop (Co-Chair), and New Diamond and Nano Carbons (Executive Committee). He has also organised MRS symposia on carbon functional interfaces at the 2011 and 2013 MRS Spring Meetings, served as a co-chair of the 2015 MRS Spring Meeting, and is currently a member of the MRS Program Development Subcommittee. Ken’s research interests focus on CVD diamond, including its deposition, optoelectronic characterisation, surface functionalisation, and diamond-based devices, as part of a broader scope on carbon materials for energy harvesting and conversion. To date, he has authored over 200 peer-reviewed publications.