Using technology to extract knowledge from data

October’s theme focuses on how technology can harness insights from science in our quest for progress


Technology is being used in all aspects of science and medicine, from helping doctors diagnose patients to showing governments the research they should fund based on their nation’s needs.

Now we’re using it to harness insights in a field of critical importance to the whole world: disaster science. In the past weeks, hurricanes and earthquakes have pummeled whole cities and island nations. To respond and rebuild effectively, government and industry must draw on the knowledge of the scientific community – knowledge that spans cultures, institutions and disciplines. Elsevier colleagues have worked with experts in disaster science and used cutting-edge techniques in data analytics in preparation for a report to inform scientists and policymakers. This analysis, to be released in November, aims to help government and industry reduce the damage wrought by natural disasters and develop resilience for the future. Our opening story in this series gives a preview of the findings:

Throughout the month, we will post more stories on this theme, updating this page with the links.